A3 Help Files


Studies are basically skills to help you create items in the game, you learn skills by going to Campus Prime, and then clicking the Study Hall link.

Here you will be faced with a list of the following studies:

Chemistry 101 (Chemist)
Chemicals... Explosions... Synthetic materials?!

Drink 1...0.... ... (Village Drunk)
Proudly show the world you love your spirits that much more than the next guy. We won't lie, this study is 100% useless, much like that diploma you spent some of the best years of your life getting. Actually it's pretty useful if you know the right bar to drink at!

Farm Skills 101 (Farming Guru)
Learn everything needed to run a successful farm, from cattle care to crop cycles to romps in the hay at the back of the barn.

Fishery 101 (Fisherman/Fisherwoman)
Improved harvests and greater stamina are a direct result of this affiliate program. Classes meet around 8 AM at the Docks.

Fishology 101 (Refrigerator Technician)
Learn how to keep that fish minty fresh. For each point of Fishology you have, one fishy friend doesn't go bad overnight if you shove them somewhere cold.

Gambling 101 (Card Shark)
Make money the honest, hard way, gambling away your days at Novigrad's lovely casino.

Horticulture 101 (Healer)
An introductory class highly recommended for first time students. Learn the complex world of Herbology, and apply your learning by picking various healing herbs.

Interior Decorator 101 (Decorator)
An introductory class to saying, THAT LOOKS FFFAAAAABBBUUULLLLOOOUUUSSS, about various household items.

Leadership 103 (Drill Sargeant)
Unravel the secrets of Napoleonic warfare and troop preparation in this advanced course. (Scream in their faces!)

Meat Curing 101 (Meat Smoker)
Be at the cutting edge of emerging smoking technology and theory. This intensive lecture class will teach all you need to know to produce smoked food.

Mining 101 (Miner)
Improved rappelling and cavern descending techniques allow for great and deeper access into the depths of Novigrad's only cavernous hole.

Nanotech 101 (Nanologist)
Prepare your goggles and sub-atomic particle filter, time to make some Nanotech.

Pharmacology 101 (Pharmacologist)
Using the materials of the land to create big booms. *BOOM*

Quantum Wokking 10000001 (Chinese "Chef")
Prove the fine art of Chinese cuisine is alive and well in this course. By visiting a Chinese restaurant after a day of drug fabrication class, that is.

Religion 101 (Priest/Priestess)
Cover Bao.Zi's complete works, earn a license to marry others in this seminary affiliate program.

Robotics 101 (Robotics Engineer)
Learn to create your very first and only friend... He maybe metal and have no emotion, but I guess that's just how you like them...

Rocket Science 101 (Actually I am one)
Learn the skills needed to produce spaceship components in this specialized class.

Smelting 101 (Smelter)
Smelt all those unused weapons that are just taking up your space into liquid metal... Maybe we should try creating a mould of our penises... No? Okay...

Smithing 101 (Smithy)
Complete foundation course in metallurgy. Final project includes production of massive weapons (no... Not your peen. Dity minded fool...) and heavy duty armour at our local fabrication facility.

Spacefaring 101 (Captain)
Prepare for the IASM (I'm A Space Man) exam, and receive your Captains certificate on completion. This study is used in space, located blissfully all around us.

Tech 101 (Master Builder)
Create some big old units for that there Clearing, chuck.

Thieving 101 (Pickpocket)
In the heat of battle quietly slip your hand into your opponent's pocket, grab whatever you can find. Hopefully it'll be credits. *cough*

Warfare 101 (General)
Learn the basics of Sun Tzu and beating the crap out of your enemy... Obviously all in the name of fun..?