A3 Help Files

A3 Help Files

The Help Files are a compact, detailed library of information. We aim to give you concise and practical information at all times. However, while reading the help guide you may find information that is sometimes vague and not really deep in nature. The purpose of this is to not reveal any game secrets or tips. How fun would it be if you could read the help files and figure out the best way to play the game? While there are some essential questions you might need answered in order to understand the game, part of the adventure of A3 is learning a little bit more about the game everyday by yourself, not from a tutorial.

Throughout the Help Files you'll notice many words are underlined or bolded. This is to draw attention to the fact that these are key words.

Should you find anything that is too confusing or impractical, please feel free to contact a staff member to have the problem resolved.

Please be aware that the Help Files are a work in progress and may not contain answers to all the questions you may have. Please be patient as the A3 team works on expanding the information contained within.