A3 Help Files


Novigrad is the main city in A3!
It has all the places you may need to go, and even some you might not even need to ever go to! Who knows...
Here are the places with a brief description for them!

Government District
City Hall - Where you can find out the current Staff, find out about the playerbase, put yourself in Cryo, financey stuff, game updates, laws and the game help guide!
City Registry - Where you can set yourself to date another alien, marry your date, or manage your multis!
Welfare Office - Where you get free welfare for the first 30 visits here!
Awards Hall - Where you can find out the leader-boards for certain in-game stuffs.
Town Meeting - The chat room!
Executioners Square - A game of good old hangman.

Environmental District
Finance Office - Where you can buy bytes, or sub time for you or another alien.
Referral Office - Where you can see who you've referred and your pay outs for such a thing!

Residential District
Lepota Estate - Where you can buy your very own house.
Post Office - Where you find your in-game mail (also known as QuickPosts)
Housing Complex - A place you can "explore" for a little extra funding.
The Docks - Where you use the fishing skill!
Loza Arena - An arena to battle against other aliens in less than normal competitions.
Your house - Where you can find all your own stuff, stats etc.

University Place
Campus Prime - The place where you learn your studies!
Hot Buns Bakery - Where you can make some buns, or maybe get an egg.

Fields of Gold
General Store - Where you can buy your seeds for your farm.
Open Fields - Where you can plant said seeds!
Pasture - Where you can raise a farm animal or some kind?
Leatherworks - Where you can turn said farm animal into something else...

Market Street
Marketplace - Where you can buy/sell stuff!
Bytex Novigrad - Where you can buy/sell Bytes!
Stan's Boutique - Where you can make your alien pretty! Oh so pretty...!
Sweet Nothings - Where you can buy another Alien cute little gifts!
Cafe Giardia - Where you meet an annoying robot that may teach you a thing or two.

Ukusan Gardens - Where you can use the Horticulture Skill.
Hall of Guilds - Where you can see a list of guilds and their ranking!
Merchants Guild - Where you can become a merchant.
Bank of Webby - Where you can keep your credits out of the hands of them thieves.
Barry's Bonds - Where you can put your money away for a little while for a certain % increase in value!
Stock Exchange - Much like the real life, invest your credits in companies, earn some more.
Galaxy Gym - Where you can get massive. IE, train your stats.
A Step Up - Where you can upgrade your house.
Raffle House - Like a real life raffle! Buy a ticket for the raffle.
Biggins Winnings - A lottery! Pick some numbers if you win, you get a big cash prize. Woo.

Red-Light District
Casino - Where you can gamble away your Welfare cheque.
Private Eye - Where you can find stuff out about other aliens...
Helga's House of Voodoo -Where you can do crazy magic stuff... Alignment Reversal, among other things!
Back Alley - Where you can order hits on people...
The Beleaguered Pony - Where you can drink your welfare cheque away... If you have I.D. of course.
Lee Hwon Fook - Where you use the Quantam Wokking study skill.

Port Authority
Employment Agency - Where you can get jobs or cash in your cheques.
Space Port Where you using the Spacefaring skill!
Hospital - Where you can change your gender...
Novigrad CDC - Centre for Disease Control... Help find the source of the plague!
Sewer Access - Where you use the Pharmacology skill.

Industrial Park
Maxxon Aerospace - Where you use the Rocket Science skill.
Name Fabrication - Where you use the Smithing skill.
Chem Chemical - Where you use the Chemistry skill.
Junkyard - Where you find junk... Or dump rotten things...
The Pit - Where you use the mining skill, or buy stuff from the old miner
Smelter - Where you can use the Smelting skill.

City Limits
Wishing Well - Where you can get water in a bucket, or toss a credit in.
Wedding Chapel - Where you use the Religion skill.
Smokehouse - Where you can use the Meat Curing skill.
Clearing - Where you can play the Clearing mini-game!
Satan's House of Pancakes - Where the evil players reside.
Church of the Davidian Light - Where the good players reside, as well as the Graveyard.

Old Fort
Training Center - Where you use the Leadership skill.
Battle Village - Where you can train for exp, credits or if you're lucky a whole level!
Armory - Where you can buy low level weapons and armour!
Dyson Botwerks - Where you use the Robotics skill.
Workshop - Where you use the Tech skill.
City Watch - Where you can file UNOFFICAL complaints!
Hot Springs - Where you can reset your AP's if you have the right certificate!

Strip Mall
Ice Delights - Where you can send medium priced gifts to other aliens.
Novigrad Jewelers - Where you can buy expensive gifts for other aliens.
World Treasures - Where you can buy more expensive gifts for other aliens.
Gag Shop - Where you can buy joke items for other aliens.
Kind thoughts - Where you can buy thoughtful cards for other aliens.
Exquisite Designs - Where you can buy 'icons' for other aliens.