A3 Help Files


Battling in this game is quite similar to many other games. You gain levels based on how much experience you have earned. Each level has a certain amount of experience points needed to level up. As you go up in levels, more is needed to go up to the next level. The higher your opponent’s level, stats (strength, speed, endurance, panic and lifeforce), the more experience you will gain when you defeat them. Each time you gain a level, you will receive five Allocation Points (AP).

How do I battle?
Battling is one of the biggest parts of the game. To battle click the Battle quicklink which is the link right next to your house link. This will bring you to the main battle screen. You will see several things to do here. You should start by clicking the Trace button. Here you can view a menu which allows you to search for opponents based on certain requirements like life force, age, and many other things. Simply type in what you want to search for and hit Trace. A list of aliens that fit under your trace parameters will appear. Next to each alien’s name there will be an attack and PI button. You can click the attack button if you feel that you can defeat that alien. Attacking a player will cost 1 confidence point. You can click the PI button to view their stats and other details - sometimes for a price.

You may also attack people by going to the bottom of their details screen, where there will be a button labelled Attack. You can use this method to battle if you want to attack a certain enemy (or friend!) without having to trace for them. There are some people who you cannot attack because of different reasons. If you cannot attack someone the reason will be listed on the battle page if you click Attack. Remember that there are restrictions set in place to protect new players. New players can not be attacked until one of the following are met: level 5 or above, 14 days or older. You also can not attack players on the same IP address as you or other aliens under your account.

Sometimes if you have enough panic stat you may go into panic attack mode and start hitting your opponent, potentially killing them first.